So this is work right? (April 13, 2013)

IMG_0425Thus far, I have posted about exploration of Bangkok. But, this is work, right? Life will change dramatically when I head to Argo on Tuesday, but what have I been doing besides having fun in the meantime? In this first week, I have met with Jim several times, discussed logistics, and I have been preparing for Argo’s arrival. I set my phone up to work in Thailand on day 2. (Speaking of everything working out in Thailand: I got it unlocked, got a sim and data plan, and even replaced the long broken back glass for about 50 USD. Just the back glass would have cost at least 80$ in the states…) On Day three, I took Jim’s deposit to the new crew apartment and began the move in process. On initial inspection it seemed clean, but I decided to give it a once over anyway. The apartment was not bad, but after taking a mop to it, and dusting the overlooked corners, I concluded that it was definitely not as clean as it had looked. Mattress covers and sheets were applied. Bathrooms were scrubbed and supplies purchased. It still has those third world building issues: not quite square, not quite level, and not quite finished, but after a few days, it’s starting to feel like home. I am not looking forward to consolidating my belongings and having at least 2 other guys move into my room! That’s about it. I suppose I am having more fun than I am doing work, but this is still work, right?IMG_0423 IMG_0424

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