10-May-14 The Bangkok Commute


(Crossing the river in a long tail. Rain in Bangkok)

I’m grateful to live in the neighborhood that we do, as opposed to living nearer the shipyard. But, it means we have a one hour + commute each way, each day. Our commutes, though, are pretty interesting. They start each morning on the BTS (metro) for about 20 minutes. At the end of the line, we grab a cab for a further 30-40 minutes, often sitting still in traffic for long periods. Once we reach the Marsun shipyard we wait with the workers preparing to cross the river. Next we traverse the river by small open boat (the photos/video show the one day we rode in a long tail…) Once allowed access to the Royal Thai Navy Yard, its up a ladder, followed by a walk of varying lengths to the boat. Then the workday begins. Reverse this order again at the end of each day, with the possible addition of barge or tire climbing depending on how low the tide is. Here are some sights encountered along the way:


(Water Monitor, Varanus salvator)


(Marsun Yard, the wait for the boat)

Thai Navy

(Exiting the Navy Yard)

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